“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"
Hippocrates,the father of medicine
Live to Eat....
.... Eat to Live

Food: One of the basic physiological needs, as outlined according to Maslow's theory of needs, that have to be satisfied before higher needs like social needs and esteem can be recognised.

Today, food has taken on a new image. People no longer consume foods to fufil their basic physiological needs...

Welcome to the world of Food Fads! Yes, fads that not only happen on the catwalk platform of fashion capitals like Milan, Paris and New York but on the plate and shelves around us today!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Food Safety Tips: Hot Cleaning

A dishcloth or sponge can be effectively cleaned by placing the wet item in a microwave on high for three to four minutes. The heat will kill off bacteria and viruses. Be careful when removing from the microwave as it will be steaming hot.

Use separate sponges or cloths for the dishes, the bench and the floor. If you have different coloured cloths for different tasks it will be easier to distinguish what they are for. Some people use green for dishes (it rhymes with clean), blue for the bench (they both start with ‘b’) and yellow for the floor (when you wipe up spills, the light colour shows any dirt which reminds you to mop the floor). Preferably use paper towels for spills, especially wiping up meat juices and then wipe with a cloth and hot water and detergent.

Make sure you have two or three of each colour so when one’s in the wash, there’s a clean one ready to go.

Use separate chopping boards for raw and cooked meat, fish, vegetables and bread. Colour-coded boards make it easier to remember which ones to use for each type of food. White is still the best colour for visually spotting food debris. It is possible to get white plastic chopping boards that are colour-coded on the edge.

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