“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"
Hippocrates,the father of medicine
Live to Eat....
.... Eat to Live

Food: One of the basic physiological needs, as outlined according to Maslow's theory of needs, that have to be satisfied before higher needs like social needs and esteem can be recognised.

Today, food has taken on a new image. People no longer consume foods to fufil their basic physiological needs...

Welcome to the world of Food Fads! Yes, fads that not only happen on the catwalk platform of fashion capitals like Milan, Paris and New York but on the plate and shelves around us today!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pub Corn

With an intresting name like pub-corn, one should be able to imagine its flavour!

Pub-Corn Alcohol Flavored Popcorn is now available in the USA. Offered in Beer, Pina Colada and Irish Cream varieties, the ready-to-eat popcorn is presented in a 1 lb. plastic bag that retails for $4.00. Blue X is the distributor.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dole Easy-Open Salad Bag

No scissors, no headaches, no struggle," Dole Easy-Open Salad Bag is now available in the USA and Canada.

"A simple pull, and customers can enjoy the fresh-tasting goodness of Dole's farm-fresh salads."

Consumers are said to enjoy the fresh, new, innovative, pinch and pull feature. Offered in Italian and American varieties, the product is presented in a "new, innovative" plastic bag. Dole Food Co., Inc. is the manufacturer

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thomy Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is included in the Thomy line of products packaged in "hygienic, resealable" metal tubes with stand-on caps. The Mayonnaise comes in a 279ml size that is said to keep the product fresh and easy to dispense and apportion.

Certainly less messy compared to conventional packaging!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cadbury Eyebrows

Hot off the tube with its catchy ditty song...

Will eating Cadbury chocolate give you a sensation like this?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Das Lolli

Das Foods has launched a "new line of adventurous, uniquely flavored and affordable Lollipops called Das Lolli." Sold singly in the USA, each 0.3 oz. plastic wrapped Lollipop - Caramel Me Happy (caramel and lavender made with caramelized cane sugar, chewy Das Salty Caramel, real lavender extract and tiny crystals of Fleur de Sel sea salt), Fab-O-Pom (pomegranate and orange with real pomegranate extract, orange oil and tiny pieces of orange zest), Man Bait (maple bacon with real smoky bacon bits and maple syrup) and Naughty Ginger (ginger and lemon with small bits of spicy candied ginger and all-natural lemon extract) - has a suggested retail price of 50 cents.

Literature states, "At only 30 calories each, Das Lolli are all natural, corn syrup-free, free of chemical preservatives and additives, and contain no artificial flavors or food coloring."

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ribena with Lemon: A perfect Match.

This TV commercial for Ribena with Lemon seems to be so Hindie inspired!

Anyone dancing behind the tree with a pack of Ribena in your hand?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Water & Energy

Watermelon and Lychee, Verbena and Lemongrass, and Mint and Lime are three varieties in which a new 'energizing' Bottled Water is now available under the Water & Energy brand name.

Recently introduced to consumers in Slovakia, this water with real fruit, panax ginseng, guarana and caffeine is claimed to be free from sodium, artificial colors, and preservatives. Enriched with vitamins, each variety is presented in a 500ml plastic bottle.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Crystal Head Vodka

Produced by Diamond Estates Wines & Spirits Ltd. out of Newfoundland, new Crystal Head Vodka is offered in the USA, by Dan Aykroyd, in an overboxed, 750ml glass bottle in the shape of a human skull.

The idea for the bottle is claimed to have come from Aykroyd's fascination with ghosts, spirits and extraterrestrial life.

The Vodka is said to be free of any additives such as sugar, glycerin and citrus oil, to be made with water from a deep aquifer, to be quadruple distilled and to be triple filtered through polished crystals known as Herkimer diamonds.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

House Foods: House Megashaki

Megashaki refers to mega refresh.

This new functional drink is designed be consumed when concentration is needed, such as when working, taking exams or driving. It contains ginger extract, chili extract, caffeine and arginine as active ingredients.

Apple juice and lemon juice are added to produce a palatable taste; the fruit juice content is 20%.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

SnapDragon Beauty Beverage

SnapDragon Beauty Beverage is part of the Votre Vu line of products available in the USA from Votre Vu. Presented in a 30 fl. oz. (885ml) bottle, it is sold in a 2-pack and a 4-pack with suggested retails of $23.00 and $39.00, respectively.

Literature states, "This delicious private blend of powerful anti aging super-fruits and botanicals features mango, pomegranate and acai berry juices. A melange of teas (green, white and gorgeous red) infuse some spices to your life. Seven daily vitamins plus collagen, aloe vera, foti, ginkgo biloba and baobab fiber round out this exotic beauty mix, supported by naturally safe extracts, fruits and minerals which may enhance energy. No preservatives or sugar added."

Used daily, Snapdragon "may help repair, restore and re-balance your body's internal systems, naturally giving your skin a radiant, beautiful glow. It may boost your overall vitality when added to your daily beauty regimen for optimal health, inside and out."

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Viagra-Laced Coffee Confiscated After Selling as 'Energy Drink'

More than 900 boxes of Viagra-laced coffee confiscated in Malaysia were being marketed as an energy booster.

“The coffee mixture had been distributed in sachets nationwide,” said a report in the New Straits Times Online. “Investigations revealed the distributor attempted to mislead the public by claiming the coffee mixture could provide an energy boost, besides being beneficial for men.”

The impotence drug Viagra was initially developed to treat high blood pressure and certain symptoms of heart disease. However, scientists discovered during trials that it also could be used to treat sexual problems in men. It should only be used with a doctor’s supervision.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Nippon Milk Community: Megmilk Astaxanthin Power

. This new functional drink is a mixed vegetable juice (carrot juice and tomato juice). It is fortified with astaxanthin which is a red pigment carotenoid occurring naturally in fish and shellfish and hematococcus seaweed.

In this product, the astaxanthin used is derived from seaweed. Each bottle supplies 4mg astaxanthin, and the vegetable content is more than 120g (calculated as fresh vegetables).

The main target is consumers in their 40s and above.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

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Nakano All Natural Seasoned Rice Vinegar

Its benefits were so great that the ancient Babylonians inscribed its virtues on stone tablets over 7000 years ago; Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, used it to treat his patients in 400 B.C. ;Helen of Troy bathed in it as a way of relaxing.!

Just what is this miraculous product? It's vinegar! In this new and modern age, vinegar too gets a new makeover with NAKANO All Natural Seasoned Rice Vinegars which are currently available in lots of tasty flavors like Original Seasoned, Roasted Garlic, Basil & Oregano, Red Pepper, Balsamic Blend, and Italian Herb.

NAKANO All Natural Seasoned Rice Vinegar is: All natural, fat free, low calorie, gluten free.
The NAKANO range of all natural seasoned rice vinegar is so versatile. Thinking of how to use in your diet?

Here's some Splash Tips: you can splash it on sliced, fresh tomatoes, greens and other vegetables to add flavour and profile to your salads; incorporate it into a mayonnaise recipe for interesting and unique tastes; season and marinate meats; tenderize meats and vegetables; to inhibit the growth of bacteria during the processing of pickles; add onto steamed white rice for flavour enhancement.

The possibilities are just endless... you just need to use your imagination!

For the health conscious, here's why you should have make vinegar a part of your diet: Vinegar can also be used as a salt alternative for those wishing to reduce the amount table salt in their diet. Vinegar also dulls the craving for sweets and does not contains no fat.

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