“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"
Hippocrates,the father of medicine
Live to Eat....
.... Eat to Live

Food: One of the basic physiological needs, as outlined according to Maslow's theory of needs, that have to be satisfied before higher needs like social needs and esteem can be recognised.

Today, food has taken on a new image. People no longer consume foods to fufil their basic physiological needs...

Welcome to the world of Food Fads! Yes, fads that not only happen on the catwalk platform of fashion capitals like Milan, Paris and New York but on the plate and shelves around us today!

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Imported Dried Plums and Prunes Available for Sale in Singapore Do Not Contain Elevated Level of Lead

From: AVA

Following the alert issued by the Texas Department of State Health Services on elevated levels of lead found in certain imported dried plums/prunes and products containing imported dried plums, the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore has stepped up checks on imported dried plums/prunes from countries such as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the United States of America for testing of lead.

So far, the results of the test showed that the samples are satisfactory and do not contain elevated level of lead.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Yow Blaisins

YOW Snacks, including Blaisins, are distributed in the USA by Jupiter, FL-based Yow Snacks, Inc. Identified as a "handy snack in cupholders, desks, backpacks, lunch boxes, briefcases, glove compartments, tackle boxes or anywhere," they are presented in an 11 oz. (314g) plastic bottle.
Label copy reads, "7 servings of blueberries - Dried blueberries pack the highest antioxidant content among dried fruits and contain four times the antioxidants of their fresh counterparts. Right out of the bottle or added to cereal, yogurt, salads and entrees."

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Del Monte Healthy Kids

The Del Monte Healthy Kids(tm) line of "fortified canned fruit for children" has been introduced in the USA by Del Monte Foods.
Literature states, "With the introduction of Del Monte Healthy Kids(tm) canned fruit, children can now enjoy class Fruit Cocktail for a nourishing snack or dessert with the added nutritional value that will help them to live healthier lives."
The line also includes Enriched Peach Chunks in a 15 oz. can. Touted as "the first fortified canned fruit product," they are said to be preservative free and fortified with vitamins A, C and calcium.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Picante de Bachaco Culon

Fancy ants is your diet?

New Picante de Bachaco Culon product is being touted as a natural aphrodisiac in Venezuela.

The sauce is marketed under the Dona Flora brand name and is said to have a formulation that includes yucca juice (catara) and giant ground ants. The claim is made that the spicy sauce is a source for zinc and natural proteins.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Launch Omega Frozen Bars

Launch Omega Frozen Bars are sold in the USA in a 3 bar pack box containing individual 2 3/4 fl. oz. (81ml) bars by Launch Frozen Innovations Inc.
The line includes Chocolate Monkey (Chocolate Banana), Too-Berry (Strawberry-Raspberry), and Pomonade (Pomegranate Lemonade) varieties.
The labels are flagged, "Delicious - Healthy - Indulgent - 9g protein - 540mg Omegas." Promotional literature for the frozen treats reads, "All natural - Low fat - Snack with multiple health benefits - Great source of protein - High DHA (Omega smart fats) - No cholesterol - Lower carbohydrates."

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Banlanhua Herbal Tea Drink

'Banlanhua Herbal Tea Drink' comes in two types - Rock Candy and Xylitol.

claimed, it is made of herb essence and suits for different ages.

Its amazing how traditional herbal drinks in the Chinese market are getting fast onto the sugar-free trend!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bonbon au Chocolat Drink Chocolate

Bonbon au Chocolat Drink Chocolate (Individual Chocolates for Drinking Chocolate) has been recently made available to consumers in Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, Russia and Japan under the Beschle brand name.

The product, which is touted as "bonbons of chocolate for easy hot chocolate", is retailed in a 200g cardboard box containing individually wrapped 'chocolates'. According to literature, one chocolate in a cup with milk will yield a mild hot chocolate while 2 chocolate will yield an intense drink.
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