“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"
Hippocrates,the father of medicine
Live to Eat....
.... Eat to Live

Food: One of the basic physiological needs, as outlined according to Maslow's theory of needs, that have to be satisfied before higher needs like social needs and esteem can be recognised.

Today, food has taken on a new image. People no longer consume foods to fufil their basic physiological needs...

Welcome to the world of Food Fads! Yes, fads that not only happen on the catwalk platform of fashion capitals like Milan, Paris and New York but on the plate and shelves around us today!

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Taiwan 'considering world's first junk food tax'

TAIPEI (AFP) - – Taiwan is planning the world's first tax on junk food in a bid to encourage the public to eat healthily and cut obesity rates, a report said Monday.

The Bureau of Health Promotion is drafting a bill to levy the special tax on food deemed unhealthy, such as sugary drinks, candy, cakes, fast food and alcohol, said the Apple Daily.

Revenue from the tax would finance groups promoting health awareness or subsidise the island's cash-strapped national health insurance programme, the report said.

The bill is expected to be submitted to the parliament for approval next year and could take effect around 2011, it said, citing the bureau's director Chiou Shu-ti.

Health officials contacted by AFP were not immediately available for comment.

Taiwan would be the first government in the world to impose junk food tax if the bill is passed, according to local health advocacy group John Tung Foundation.

"Overweight problems are getting worse in Taiwan with 25 to 30 percent of children obese, and it will cause more strain on our national health system," said Beryl Sheu, chief of the foundation's food nutrition division.

"Hopefully the tax will dissuade people from eating junk food and snacks and prompt food companies to make healthier products," she said.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fancy some century-old Butter?

WELLINGTON (AFP) - – Two blocks of butter have been found intact after nearly a century in an Antarctic hut used by British explorer Robert Falcon Scott on his doomed 1910-12 expedition, a report said.

Television New Zealand reported that conservators found the two blocks of New Zealand butter in bags in stables attached to the expedition Hut at Cape Evans in Antarctica.

The extreme cold of the polar region has preserved the hut and expedition equipment inside, but recent signs of deterioration had prompted the Antarctic Heritage Trust to launch a preservation project.

The trust's Lizzie Meek said the butter was a "treasure find".

"It's quite amazing how strong the smell is after nearly 100 years," Meek said at the hut. "I'm not sure I'd want it on my toast."

Scott used the Cape Evans hut as a base for his expedition to the South Pole, which he and four others reached on 17 January, 1912. But they found that Norwegian Roald Amundsen had beaten them by five weeks to reach the South Pole for the first time.

Scott and his four companions all died on the return journey to Cape Evans.

The latest find follows news last month of the discovery of two crates of Scotch whisky under a hut used by another British explorer, Ernest Shackleton, during his 1907-09 expedition to Antarctica.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

HSA warns public not to consume illegal drug "Huo Luo Jing Dan"

SINGAPORE: A traditional Chinese medicine has been found to contain illegal ingredients that can cause serious adverse reaction.

The drug, "Huo Luo Jing Dan", was said to promote blood circulation and relieve aches and pains, including rheumatism and arthritis. It is sold in a dark coloured plastic bottle with a gold—coloured label that contains small red capsules.

The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) has warned the public not to consume the product because it contains potent, undeclared Western medicines that cause dangerous side effects like increased blood pressure, weak bones, stomach ulcers and kidney failure.

A 50—year—old woman who had been taking the drug for several years developed swelling of the throat, following an infection that did not heal quickly. Her face also swelled to a ’moon face’, caused by prolonged corticosteroid consumption.

Her doctor alerted the authorities after he suspected that she had suffered from an adverse effect from the product and was hospitalised.

The patient has since recovered and was discharged from the hospital after discontinuing the product.

Investigations revealed that the manufacturer printed on the label, China Tian Jin Ren Ji, is fraudulent and does not exist. The friend from whom the patient originally purchased the product also could not be contacted.

The HSA advises members of the public who had bought the product not to consume it and to seek medical attention immediately if they feel unwell after taking this product.

It also reminds consumers to be wary of products that promise a quick cure for serious conditions.

Anyone who is aware of the illegal sale of this product should call the HSA Enforcement Branch’s 24—hour hotline at 6866—3485 or email to — CNA/ha/al
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