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Monday, April 6, 2009

Severe outbreak in Singapore

Woman dead after eating at Geylang Serai food stall
By Mustafa Shafawi, 938Live | Posted: 06 April 2009 1224 hrs

Preliminary investigations by the Ministry of Health and the National Environment Agency indicate that rojak from the stall was behind the food poisoning cases. The stall remains closed.

SINGAPORE : A woman died in hospital Monday morning after becoming ill from a meal consumed at a food stall in a Geylang Serai market.

57-year-old Madam Aminah Samijo died after suffering from severe food poisoning after having eaten at the Rojak Geylang Serai stall last Friday.

She later went into a coma, making her the worst hit among the more than 100 people who also sought treatment after eating at the stall.

The Health Ministry confirmed that Madam Aminah died at 6.50am at the Changi General Hospital on Monday.

Her body has been moved to the Singapore General Hospital for autopsy.

- 938Live/sf

1 woman died, more than 100 ill after eating Indian rojak from famous stall
Mon Apr 06 2009
Over 100 patrons of the Indian rojak stall went to hospital.

Singapore, April 6, 2009 - One woman has died after falling into a coma. She is among the more than 100 people who ate Indian rojak from a famous stall in Geylang Serai suffered food poisoning and went to hospital.

Woman in coma dies
Canteen assistant Aminah Samijo, 57, fell unconscious at home on Friday night. Earlier in the afternoon, she and her husband, Mr Ali had patronised the rojak stall. The couple vomitted and had diarrhoea that night night but Aminah's condition was worse - she fainted at 11pm.

Her family called an ambulance which sent here to Changi Hospital. While Mr Ali's condition was stabilised, his wife developed a fever on Saturday. Her condition got worsened and she died this morning at around 6.30am at Changi hospital.

Her body was moved to Singapore General Hospital for autopsy. Food poisoning could cause organ failure and death and eldely patients are more prone to that.

Madam Aminah had kidney problems and low blood pressure before the incident.

The rojak stall, operated by a father and son team, had been shut following the food poisoning incident which also saw one woman collapsing into a coma. Known as Rojak Geylang Serai, the stall had received recognition by famous food guide Makansutra.

Those who fell sick sought treatment at the six major hospitals in Singapore and had told the doctors they had eaten rojak from the Geylang Serai stall.

On Saturday by 5pm, 75 of the victims had sought treatment at Changi Hospital. Seventeen of them were warded.

Tan Tock Seng, KK and NUH hospitals received 10, seven and nine patients respectively. Seven at Tan Tock Seng had to be awarded while five had to remain at KK Hospital.

Singapore General and Alexandra hospitals had one patient each.

It is believed there were many more who had eaten rojak bought from the same stall.

The incident to be the worst mass food poisoning case to hit Singapore since 2007. That year, more than 150 got sick after eating Prima Deli products.

Lorry driver, 4 children warded

Another victim, lorry driver Mr Abdul, 44, and his family also ate at the same stall though at different times. He and his wife and four children also fell sick. All of them accompanied him to Changi hospital but as the children became ill, three of them were sent to KK Hospital because of their young age while one was admitted to Changi hospital.

Mr Abdul's wife, Rohanna, who still suffered the effects of food poisoning, had no choice but to shuttle between the two hospitals to see that her children and husband were all right.

Mr Abdul had patronised the rojak stall with a friend during lunch time on Friday. His wife took their kids to the stall later that afternoon. It was their favourite Indian rojak stall.

On Saturday the rojak stall had already prepared food for sale but had to dispose of them when NEA and Health ministry officers came to inspect the stall. Both authorities are investigating. The stallholder and a worker were told to go for screening at the Communicable Disease Centre.

One stallholder said NEA officers also inspected every stall.

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